Morriston Hospital Visit

Llanelli Town Players and officials of Reds Supporters Club visited the childrens ward in Morriston today.
This was the clubs 6th visit in a row to see the kids.
Reds defender Lee Bevan was making his 4th visit and said “it’s always good to visit every year and help though less fortunate than ourselves”.
Star of the show was Lee Trundle making his second visit of the week after visiting with Swansea City yesterday.
Club official Neil Dymock has been organising the visits for the last six years and said “it’s a small part we can play in brightening up Christmas for these children. Thanks to Jan and the nurses, organising these visits are easy and bring us back into perspective a bit at a time of giving.”
Reds players Lee Trundle, Lee Bevan , Scott Caughlan along with club Secretary Neil Dymock and supporters club members Rob Killick and Paul Smith represented the club.
Toys, calendars, football shirts and signed football were donated from funds raised by the players and supporters if Llanelli Town

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